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A leading company creating products in the field of game development. With 8 years of experience, 10 proprietary products, and a cozy team of gamers.

Our 8 years of achievements!
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Proprietary projects
Our main directions of development and existing products.
A brief overview of what we do daily – both creating and supporting current products. The full cycle also includes team scaling, advertising optimization, and improving user support.
Browser Applications and Mobile Development:
For over 7 years, we have been developing browser applications using the best technologies to achieve the best user experience. We can handle large volumes, with a service level of 99.9%, and operate globally. Commerce and entertainment websites, trading platforms, and solutions for payment/collection of funds from players, financial solutions for business management, and browser-based Turn-Based MMORPG battler!
I-Gaming, Social Gambling, Slot Development:
One of our focus areas is the development of unique slots. New mathematical models, certified for several countries, attract attention. We have elevated player retention mechanisms, attracting more global companies that integrate our developments.
E-Sports - Main Development Focus:
Our company is known for organizing esports tournaments, sponsoring teams, and developing the global scene. There are top players from the CIS countries in our team who constantly improve their skills using our products, teach the game, train our employees, and consult on product development for the esports scene.
Items and In-Game Purchases - Our Everything:
The growing market of gaming items - purchase, sale, market analysis, trends - is our main focus. Everyone wants to stand out from the crowd by buying exclusive accessories, beautiful cars, and branded items. The gaming industry is not standing still; players want to stand out not only offline but also during battles with other players! We provide quick access to the in-game item market with the best offers, prices and discounts, convenient, fast and secure delivery!
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