We have a variety of products, and if you come up with an idea for a new one, we will be ready to fully support you, provide resources, and offer any necessary assistance for its launch.
I had an idea, but I wouldn't have implemented it on my own. I approached the company's CEO and shared my thoughts. Now I have my own team of 8 people, and besides the developer's salary, I receive income from the product they helped me launch.
Product Owner
It's the development of gaming products for millions of gamers worldwide. We create a whole Universe, and you can become part of our team and implement your ideas for millions of fans.
Tech Lead, Full stack engineer and Devops
Have you ever played team shooters? Do you know the situation when your teammates lose at a crucial moment, and the game is already done for? Never again! At Frozeneon, your teammates will never let you down – we are ready to support you in any situation, share technical expertise, and find solutions to any problem. You can always count on us!
Tech stack
For robust and complex gamedev products, we use a customized, refined Codeigniter that meets all modern requirements, is easy to learn, and is as fast as lightning! For simpler products like the financial system, microservices, and more – Laravel, where development speed is critical, and support is relatively easy.
Advantages of Using CodeIgniter:
High-speed performance under incredible loads
Abundance of ready-to-use libraries
MVC pattern
Numerous available optimizations
The basic template engine is very fast in rendering pages, outpacing Blade and Twig, which are starting to lose relevance with the transition to SPA applications
Very low entry barrier for developers of any level!
Easy to install and integrate
Full support for PHP 7.4
Built-in protection against XSRF | XSS attacks
Various design patterns. We use them only where necessary and reasonable, without rigid adherence to them.
The "vanilla" framework does not always meet all the necessary needs of the product and business. We based our development on CodeIgniter 3, which, in turn, was refined to the state of "install and go!" The core already includes a minimal set of modules to launch the application (configurations, ORM models, namespace support, and much more). At the same time, a lot of unnecessary code, tied to old versions of PHP, was removed, and many built-in framework libraries were optimized. The speed of the framework is crucial for us to withstand colossal loads, and this goal has been achieved! Any developer who has not worked with this framework before can quickly join full-fledged development and start showing worthy results.
In our company, everyone can reach level 80 and, if desired, become a world-class professional. The coolest part is that we provide you with everything you need: resources, teams, training. If you lack experience, we will help you acquire the necessary knowledge. All you need is motivation + hard work!
We are proactive in raising your salary! You don't need to go and demand a salary increase like in other companies. We see your work, contribution, and efforts. We take the initiative in this matter and respond to you with reciprocity.

Need a new powerful PC for work? We'll make it happen!
Problems with your back, need a new chair? We'll solve that issue!
Need to urgently resolve a complex life situation, require financial support? We're always here to help you!

Company support: Down with flu? – We'll provide financial support if needed, we can help you find the best doctors, and make some hot tea!
Yes, we don't plan to entice you with a fancy office with cookies and tea. Honestly answering the question – what could be better than working in a comfortable place that you choose for yourself?

It doesn't matter from which part of the world you work – we focus on results!

Thank you very much for reading to the end!
Advantages of Using Vue.js:
Easy configurability
Detailed documentation
Large community
A large number of libraries
Great integration
Low entry barrier to this framework
Rendering speed
Convenient template system
Angular is too heavy, slow, and has a high entry barrier; React is quite complex due to its data transfer system between components and is less horizontally scalable compared to Vue. Vue is a popular and progressive framework that incorporates the best practices of well-known giants such as Angular and React. It is easy to learn, easily maintained, has many built-in features and connected libraries that simplify development, it also integrates easily into a project. Thanks to the similarity in writing among all Vue projects, a new developer can easily understand the functionality already written. Additionally, there is a large community to help in case of any issues, so our choice fell on Vue.js.
Lightweight framework
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