Your Career at Frozeneon

You aspire to progress.
We value individuals ready for professional challenges and continuous development. You always raise the bar and never settle for the status quo. You think broadly. For you, DTF, habr, vc, and other resources are not just a set of incomprehensible letters. You stay updated on new and modern technologies.
You love games as much as we do.
You play computer games. You understand the difference between Dota2 and League of Legends. Or you've always been intrigued by the gaming industry, and you want to be a part of it, creating products that impact its development.
You care about:
"Be online to change the world!" We appreciate people ready to share this value with us - our ideas never sleep, and we are always online for our clients.
Influencer Marketing manager
Reels/Tiktok/Content maker
Media Buyer
Our Job Opportunities

We are looking for experienced and focused individuals ready to conquer the game development industry! Currently, we need professionals for the positions described below. You can also submit your CV through the feedback form :)

What We Offer:
Career Growth
An individualized career plan is developed for each employee, aligning with the company's goals and ensuring professional development.
Food and Beverages
The company covers daily lunches for all employees in the office and during meetings. Our kitchen is always stocked with sweets, fruits, and offers aromatic coffee, tea, and juices.
Each employee undergoes training in their respective field. We organize regular meetups within the team and share technical expertise. External training programs are also available.
Flexible Schedule
We are democratic and provide a flexible schedule for our employees. Work smart and plan accordingly!
Comfortable Office
Personal space is important to us. We value individuality, so everyone can find comfortable conditions in our office. We also offer the option of remote work.
Teambuilding and Celebrations
We are friendly and often gather to support our favorite esports team, have lunch together, or discuss new ideas. We organize karting battles, bowling tournaments, and even travel to other countries for global events.
Are you interested in working in our team?
Leave us a message via the feedback form or send us an email.
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