Junior PHP (Laravel) Backend Developer

  • Development from 0 projects, or support existing projects (from microservices to platforms with millions of users)
  • Optimization of the current functionality - we always strive for the ideal! Achieving maximum performance and scalability, refactoring code, updating libraries, improving indexes, optimizing calls, rewriting the core of the framework, it all happens often
  • Do everything quickly and qualitatively. Thinking about architecture for the future, striving to create high-quality code
  • Share technical expertise with your team, just as the entire team will teach you
  • Find and propose the best approaches to solving the task

  • PHP - preferably starting with version 7.2+ (at least 1 year)
  • Experience with Laravel
  • MySQL 5.7 - 8, ability to work with transactions and high loads
  • Knowledge and ability to work with version control systems such as: Git / Github, knowledge of Github flow
  • Experience with UNIX systems, especially Ubuntu is welcome (minimum experience with Nginx, Php-Fpm, Crontab, MySQL, NPM)
  • Experience with APIs (ability to integrate any API of any complexity, ability to create APIs yourself)
  • Experience with payment systems

It will be+:
  • Knowledge and ability to work with NodeJS and Socket.io. Also Redis as a cache and data store, using it as a PubSub between PHP and NodeJS/Swoole
  • Ability to work with servers, UNIX (Debian like), Docker, Ansible
  • Experience with AWS, DigitalOcean
  • Work with graphs, formation of internal analysts based on data from MySQL/Redis databases
  • Ability to work with php cli
  • Working with queues like RabbitMQ
  • Knowledge of Frontend - JS (from ES6), understanding of reactive applications, VueJS, JQuery, preprocessors (scss, less)

What we offer:
  • Experience working in a professional team of like-minded people who are always ready to share their knowledge and skills
  • The opportunity to work on international GameDev products that have gathered around their ecosystem millions of gamers from all over the world
  • High level of salary with the possibility of receiving bonuses
  • Paid vacation and sick leave
  • Flexible work schedule - we focus only on the result
  • Ability to work remotely - our team successfully works all over the world